Resolving Problems Effectively And Efficiently

Finding Resolution For Internal Business Disputes

Some of the most complex and contentious disputes in the business world occur between partners, shareholders and others who own or run businesses together. The legal, financial and interpersonal aspects of these disputes are extremely complex, making it difficult to resolve conflicts efficiently, and the stakes are high on all fronts. Whether the dispute deals with a publicly traded company, a closely held corporation, a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or other type of business entity, it is critical to work with an experienced litigation team who can protect your interests while working for the best, most efficient solution possible.

Ehlers Law Corporation is a small, lean and efficient law firm serving all types of businesses in Sacramento, the entire San Francisco Bay area all of California and beyond. Principal attorney Wesley Ehlers has earned a strong reputation for successfully guiding business owners, investors and others through disputes regarding the ownership, governance and financial management of business entities.

Handling A Range Of Business And Partnership Disputes

Ehlers Law Corporation provides representation for owners, investors and operators in disputes regarding the ownership, governance and financial management of corporations, partnerships, LLCs and business entities across the board.

The firm handles disputes involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Dissolution
  • Accounting
  • Breach of contract
  • Other actions and claims regarding the management and financial activities of business entities

When disputes involve strategic and financial interests, it is vital to have experienced counsel by your side to protect your rights and look out for your best interests.

Case Preparation

Ehlers Law Corporation does in-depth research and works with its time-tested network of industry and subject matter experts to ensure that the firm’s clients have the best team possible to protect and secure their financial interests, assets, contractual and other rights throughout their litigation and ongoing relationships. Ehlers Law Corporation treats each matter with the time and attention it deserves, recognizing that it is likely the most critical challenge each client has faced, uses its decades of  focused experience to develop a unique legal strategy for each case the firm handles.

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Creating a sound litigation strategy starts with the initial consultation with lead counsel. It is critical to talk to your potential attorney first to get an initial sense of your case and how things should proceed. Call 916-442-0300 or send them an email to schedule your initial consultation with Ehlers Law Corporation.