Resolving Problems Effectively And Efficiently

Experienced Litigation Attorney

The most important aspect of success in your case is having the right litigation team and experience on your side. By successfully resolving a range of disputes, a seasoned litigator is able to recognize problems and potential results before they occur, and protect clients’ interests throughout each process.

Ehlers Law Corporation provides representation to a wide variety of clients – ranging from large corporations to individuals and small businesses – and offers practical and creative approaches to solving their legal and business problems in manners that best fit their business needs, principles and available resources. For more than 25 years, principal attorney Wesley Ehlers has been representing clients throughout northern California, southern California, and across the country in all types of disputes. With a problem-solving approach, he and his talented team are able to create and find efficient, favorable resolutions for their clients.

Protect Your Interests In Real Estate Disputes

Ehlers Law Corporation provides thoughtful and successful representation to property owners, lessors, lessees, developers, golf course owners/operators and other clients in real estate contract and development disputes. The firm has extensive understanding and knowledge of real estate transactions, development, financing and other real estate-related activities, and provides advice, representation and assistance in resolving the issues and disputes that clients face in the real estate arena in order to allow clients to move their projects and businesses forward in practical and productive manners.

When Problems Arise In Construction

The construction industry is wrought with potential misunderstandings, conflicts and lawsuits. Ehlers Law Corporation represents owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, sureties and lien holders on private and public works projects. The Ehlers Law Corporation team has significant knowledge and experience – both legal and practical – regarding breach of contract claims, extra work and change order claims, mechanics’ liens, scheduling and delay claims, defective work claims and other disputes on commercial and residential projects.

Litigation In The Health Care Field

Ehlers Law Corporation represents:

  • Health plans
  • Physician groups
  • Individual physicians
  • Others in the medical field

The firm handles a wide variety of contract disputes, competitive business matters and other health care business conflicts. Mr. Ehlers and the team utilize their detailed understanding of and extensive experience in cases involving:

  • Managed care
  • Claims-handling and payment
  • Hospital-physician joint ventures
  • Physician and medical group practice issues
  • Other business aspects of the health care industry

Ehlers Law Corporation helps clients enforce and protect their rights in order to obtain the relief and results necessary for their businesses to thrive in the challenging and ever-changing world of health care.

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