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There are numerous reasons why someone might contest a will or trust, making these contests quite common, especially in today’s world. While there are times that the root cause of litigation is animosity among the heirs or a breach of fiduciary duty, it can also be the result of poorly written documents or changes in an estate’s assets. Other cases involve changes in the family dynamic that occurred after a will or trust document was drafted. Regardless of the cause or type of will or trust dispute you are facing, the most important choice you can make is to hire experienced, dedicated attorneys who will help you through the legal process and protect your interests.

At Ehlers Law Corporation, you will find a team of caring and compassionate lawyers, with more than 25 years of experience, dedicated and committed to getting you the best results possible. Founding attorney Wesley Ehlers and the team at Ehlers Law Corporation represent clients in all types of probate, will and trust disputes in Sacramento and throughout the San Francisco Bay, northern and southern California. If you are facing a dispute of this kind, Ehlers Law Corporation will represent your interests and work to obtain an efficient, equitable resolution to the conflict.

Managing A Range Of Disputes

Ehlers Law Corporation represents beneficiaries, creditors, administrators and trustees of estates and trusts in complex disputes in civil litigation and probate forums. The firm handles lawsuits that involve:

  • Will contests
  • Challenges to trust instruments and other estate planning documents
  • Claims against probate estates
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Financial mismanagement claims
  • Claims for the dissolution of partnerships and other entities in the estate planning arena

The Ehlers Law Corporation team’s experience working on both sides of the courtroom on these issues gives them invaluable insight into how to overcome the complicated issues at play in these disputes. Rather than taking an emotionally-driven unnecessarily adversarial approach, the Ehlers Law Corporation team seeks first to employ a rational, problem-solving approach, backed up by decades of seasoned, hard-fought litigation and trial experience where the opposition is unable or unwilling to see its way clear to resolving disputes on the true merits.

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Do not handle your will or trust dispute alone. Make sure you work with an experienced team of attorneys who will represent your interests with an eye toward favorable, efficient conflict resolution that will help protect the important rights and relationships involved.

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